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Bu nədir?

Hello – looking for Azərbaycan Kredit Banki (Azerbaijan Credit Bank)? You’re in the right place, but unfortunately, the bank has already been liquidated. Don’t worry, though – you can look at some of the similar alternatives we’ve collected here on this page before you leave, if you’d like.

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Access Bank


Established in 2002, AccessBank is an award-winning bank that focuses on providing financial services to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses and on helping them grow, in addition to banking services and facilities for individuals. Visit their website to see their full list of services, see updates and offers, and download their official banking apps.

Kapital Bank

Kapital Bank

Founded in 1874 as Azerbaijan Savings Bank and having been in operation for over 140 years, Kapital Bank serves over 3 million people and thousands of enterprise clients across over 90 branches. They provide credit, loans, bills payments, and a variety of other financial services to individuals and corporations. Visit their website to know more about them and see what they have to offer.

Bank of Baku

Bank of Baku

Established in 1994 and rated positively by international agency Moody’s, Bank of Baku is intent on delivering “Banking Services Close to You”, with a particular focus on helping entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses get started and grow in the retail sector. Visit their website to see what services are available for individuals and businesses in terms of deposits, loans, credit, and more.

Turan Bank

Turan Bank

Established in 1992, Turan Bank is focused on providing quality, reliable retail banking and corporate banking services to its customers, for entrepreneurs and micro, small, and medium enterprises looking to start or grow their respective businesses. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer, such as Islamic banking.



Having been pronounced “the best in the micro-business support” by the Association of Micro-Finance of Azerbaijan (AMFA) and with 25 years (and growing) of experience serving its private and corporate clients, Unibank provides deposits, credit, loans, money transfers, and a host of other financial services. Visit their website to learn more about what they have to offer.



"Azerbaijan’s economy will decline by 1.5% this year" - World Bank

“Azərbaycan iqtisadiyyatı bu il 1,5% azalacaq” – Dünya Bankı

A report on why Azerbaijan’s heavy dependence on the oil sector has impacted its economy negatively.

Former head of a popular bank has been put on the international wanted list

Məşhur bankın keçmiş rəhbəri beynəlxalq axtarışa verilib

An intergovernmental search has been started for Bank Standard’s former head.


What Are the Oldest Banks in The World That Are Still Operating Today? Let’s Look at Three of Them.

About as old as trade and money, the financial institution of banks has, for hundreds of years, played important roles in the development – and occasionally, near-destruction – of nations throughout our history. The essence of modern banking as we’ve come to know it has its roots in the 14th century Italy, having further developed from and refined its ancient precedents having to do with lending and credit. Prominent, well-to-do families established the first known banking institutions, and their histories have led to banks as we know them today.

Many banks have come and gone over the past centuries, but there are some that have, quite notably, endured for centuries and remain in operation today – let’s take a quick look at three of the world’s oldest banks.

Sveriges Riksbank

Sweden's Sveriges Riksbank - the world's oldest central bank

Established in 1668, Sweden’s Sveriges Riksbank – or Riksbanken, for short – is the world’s oldest central bank, and the world’s third-oldest bank still in operation overall. In 1969, it began awarding the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for outstanding contributions to the field of economics. It remains in operation today, though in a more limited capacity compared to what it once did, due to changes and policies that have been implemented with respect to the overall landscape of the Swedish economy.

Berenberg Bank

Hamburg's Berenberg Bank - The world's oldest merchant bank

Founded in 1590 and headquartered in Hamburg by the brothers Hans and Paul Berenberg, Berenberg Bank is the world’s oldest merchant bank, and the world’s second-oldest bank overall. The Berenberg family were originally cloth merchants who extended their business to other commodities, and they eventually made their way into banking. Today, the bank is primarily owned by the von Berenberg-Gossler family and their relatives (with a 30.4% share; the rest being divided amongst several other partners and parties), and has branches in prominent financial districts and cities all over the world. Berenberg Bank is active in asset management, corporate banking, investment banking, and private banking (where the minimum deposit required to open an account is about €1 million!).

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

The Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Founded in 1472 by the order of the Magistrature of the Republic of Siena, the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (then known as Monte di Pietà) is the world’s oldest surviving bank, operating without interruption down to this day. Today, it is the third largest commercial bank in Italy, with over 2,000 branches in operation serving over 5.1 million customers. Whether it remains the oldest bank still in operation, however, remains to be seen – it appears to have been struggling since 2016, leading industry observers and pundits such as Mad Money’s Jim Cramer to call the institution a “zombie bank”. Of course, only time will tell – as it always has.

About the Author: Andre Salvatierra is a freelance writer who loves culture, technology, well-designed things, and great experiences. You can find him on Medium and Twitter.

Image Article Credits: "Piazza Salimbeni, Siena, Tuscany, Italy", by Tango7174, licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0; "Residence of the Gossler merchant family" (public domain); "Riksbankshuset, headquarter of Swedish National Bank", by Arild Vågen, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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